Engineering -business company:     AC ENGINEERING, spol. s r.o.

Established:                                       2001

Business activity:   


All what we do have its basis in the exchange of heat. Whether it is the petrochemical industry, food industry, packaging or other branches – they are always the basis for the engineering deliveries with the focus on the cooling, heating, freezing or condensation, or also the maintenance of states of the environment and substances in the required temperature and moisture


Types of deliveries:


  • Exchange heaters, condensers, tube bundles
  • Steel structures
  • Fans
  • Shutters
  • Particular components and spare parts for deliveries
  • Logistics – packing, transportation, assembly supervision, putting into operation

We are concerned mainly with the structures of pressure vessels, air-coolers, condensers, tube bundles, heating cells, steel structures, axial flow fans, etc. We are able to restore any pressure vessels – even the double-surface ones – according to the different regulations and rules. Furthermore, we can design the vessels and devices from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, titan, aluminium and its alloys.

An inseparable part of our documentation, which can be multilingual, is composed of bills of materials, strength calculations, burning and welding plans. In our company you can specify the design and construction of steel structures including static calculations especially according to DIN 18 800 (Germany), Uniform Code of Building (U.S.A., England, the Netherlands, Middle and Far East, Eurocode (for Europe), or ČSN 731401- designing the steel structures, ČSN P ENV 1991-1 (ČSN 730035) – design principles and loads of structures. We are able to work out construction designs in different fields of mechanical engineering. In full, we make the engineering designs on computers in AutoCad and other documents are in MS Office. In case you require 3D, we are able to ensure it in Inventor. Documentation can be provided in required amount of copies both in a paper or electronic form. AC Engineering, s.r.o. has professional liability insurance.

Design, construction, production and delivery of the heat exchangers or only their parts according to your requirements.

Everything under the control – deliveries individually or tailor-made



  • 2001 – AC Engineering, s.r.o. founded, based in Děčín
  • AC Engineering is a member of the group of companies STAMPA GROUP